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Fromm family aboard Akasha

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Charter went great. Crew was amazing. Boat was perfect. Weather was perfect. Food was also perfect. 
Briar was amazing at accommodating our every whim. Thank you for the poster. 
I brought it home with the intent of putting up in our basement. This was a trip the whole family will remember forever. 
Thank you for your help. 

Snyder Family aboard Hypnautic

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Let me start by letting you know  I wanted “NO” part of this trip! Being stuck on a yacht with two strangers while seasick isn’t my idea of a vacation! After meeting Jose and Pixie at the marina and hearing your welcome aboard speech and rules, my opinion started to change.  You made our trip so comfortable by taking us to places with the calmest waters. Pixie always took care of us with food on the table. “cooking with Pixie” was the ONLY show our kids watched while on vacation. Everyday was a new adventure and just as good as the day before.  Thank you for everything you did for us and making me feel comfortable with you as part of our extended family.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this trip for everyone at least once! WE will never forget you!

Morton Honeymoon aboard Antillean

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Thank you for reaching out – I was planning to do so as well because we had such a fantastic time!
Let me start by saying this all really happened because of your responsiveness and willingness to give us your perspective on boats and options. Both Becca and I were very uncertain and you really brought stability and calm to the process, we can’t thank you enough.
As for the boat and crew – WOW! Matthias and Amber were simply delightful and catered to our needs and really did everything to take care of us. They both worked great together as a team, were very personable and were so easy to talk to. They had the right balance of being involved, but also giving us privacy. Amber’s cooking was fabulous and she took care of all of Becca’s food allergies. We absolutely could not have asked for anything more from her. We felt absolutely comfortable with Matthias’ sailing skills. He was able to complete Becca’s scuba diving certification with ease and we went on several amazing dives during our time with him. Matthias was up for anything, at any time, and was extremely friendly and funny.
After the busyness of the wedding it was so amazing to tour around the USVI and BVI without any stress – knowing that we will be taken care of every step along the way.

Taintor charter aboard Dalliance

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Kevin, we have just finished our charter on Dalliance. It beat all our  expectations. Roger and Linda were excellent hosts. They took great
care of us. The itinerary was varied, interesting and fun. We wanted  to hike and snorkel. We did that every day. Linda is an excellent
cook. She spoiled us with fabulous meals. Thanks for putting us  together with Dalliance. We had a great experience.  Mavis

Hardwick family aboard Majestic Spirit

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Captain Dave + Desiree

Thank you soooo much for such a fantastic week on Majestic Spirit!
We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the BVI’s and we know it wouldn’t have been as fun + special if we hadn’t lucked out to choose your yacht!
The food was absolutely 5-Star all-the-way (Thank you Des!) and we are from Chicago – so we know GOOD food!! 🙂
The scuba and snorkeling were so much fun for Craig + Brock + Meredith. Dave’s scuba skills / instruction + finding awesome scuba spots was bar none! Brock will never forget seeing the rare found Nurse Shark on his last dive of the trip with you Dave! Definitely a highlight.
We really want to thank you not only for a wonderful trip, but for going out of your way to go above + beyond each + every day (especially when you had to drive the boat all night long to get us to a hospital!) You guys are the BEST!!
Till next time

Coffey Family aboard Ultimalife

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Great crew great boat, great time!  Thanks Captain Ed and Miss Kathi for making this such a special vacation!
Had a wonderful vacation with an amazing crew.  So blessed to make lasting memories with Captain
Ed and Mrs. Kathi. This has been one of the best vacations I have every been on, and it’s all thanks to Captain Ed
And Miss Katy.  They are truly amazing and make sure you have the best vacation possible!

Freitag Family aboard Paradise

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It’s hard to believe it’s been only one week since we were enjoying the clear blue waters of the BVI aboard your wonderful yacht !!
Our sea-legs may have righted, our tans may have faded, but our wonderful memories will last a lifetime.  We cannot thank you enough for hosting what will surely go down as one of our most cherished family experiences of all time !!
As you can imagine, booking our first trip to the BVI’s was stressful and confusing, not knowing much about anything, and we ultimately trusted the recommendations of Kevin from Mainsail Charters.  He reiterated that Bernie and Ruth are the best, that you two know how to make the trip work for families, and that in his many years booking trips, no-one has ever had anything but wonderful things to say about their charters aboard Paradise.
Fair enough, but what he didn’t explain was how wonderfully accommodating, generous and outright charming you two are.  You treated us not only to a charter, but you welcomed us into your home, you guided us through a breathtaking natural landscape, and you pampered us with delicious food and entertaining conversation.
Heck, any captain and crew that can accommodate two vegetarians, one carnivore and a kid who doesn’t eat anything but candy and cookies, can silently navigate into crowded bays and still find gentile moorings every night,  can treat us to ‘bernie goes nuts’ and ‘ruthie pain killers’ in the same afternoon; can trust two kids with their brand new dinghy, can teach us mah-mah in a single sitting, can lead us to sea-turtles, tarpon, and barracuda within the first hour of arrival, and still help make a coconut-bra just for a deranged 10 year old, well . let’s just say you exceeded all expectations by tenfold (and expectations were pretty darn high coming into it)!
Really, we just wanted to say thank you again for hosting a wonderful trip.  We literally can not imagine experiencing the BVI’s without you both.  Brace yourselves, we’ll be back real soon !!

Savage Family aboard Stargazer

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We had a really nice time on Stargazer. Everything exceeded our expectations. I couldn’t imagine a better experience. The crew was really the differentiator, they worked tirelessly and we’re constantly trying to make the trip as nice as possible. It was very difficult to say goodbye to Melissa, Diego and Wes. That says a lot!

Spenser Family aboard Paradise

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Hey Kevin, I just wanted to let you know we had such a great time last week aboard Parisdise. The boat is beautiful, the itinerary was just right, swimming and snorkeling were wonderful, the food was so so good, but the thing we loved the most was how welcoming Bernie and Ruthie are. They pretty much open up “their home” to us and made us feel so welcomed. I was worried about this before the trip, 6 days on a small boat could be pretty long if you felt unwelcome. Bernie and Ruthie’s warmth took all those worries away with in the 1st hour. Thank you for recommending Paradise to us, for 1st time Yacht charterers we couldn’t have asked for more and had a better experience.