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Marshall charter aboard Quest

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What a great week! First time to the BVI, first time for a catamaran vacation, and first time for extended sailing – We LOVED it! Thanks for the great meals and company! We hope to be back again soon!

Adams charter aboard Verna Breeze

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HOLY!!! That was such a fantastic trip we seriously can not thank you enough. You have given us so many amazing memories!  You guys make what you do look easy, but we know it’s not! We couldn’t have asked for better friends to explore the islands with on our trip. We hope that we see you both again very soon. You know teachers get the summer off? If you need a graceful dolphin for some entertainment, be sure to let me know.  You Guys are the best!

Zmetra Family aboard Full Moon

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This has been the most amazing experience we have ever had! There are very few people in our lives that have had the ability to make a difference –  the two of you are those people.  Not only did we fish, swim, snorkel, sailed more importantly we smiled, laughed, talked sang shared and danced.  We are so lucky to have been in your company, everything has been simply wonderful! There was nothing more we could have asked for.

The best 50th Birthday ever!


Welsh Family aboard Nutmeg

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Thank you so very much for everything you did for us and our family! We had a fantastic time. You provided us with a total BVI experience. This has been an incredible week! We’ve loved everything. Your knowledge of the islands, the best snorkeling spots ever made this such a complete vacation. You are both so genuine and accommodating to all of our varied wants and needs. We feel like we did it all – and loved it ever more than I imagined.

Ginette, your meals were delicious and it was obvious that they were prepared with love! You are a wonderful chef…we will miss you. Hope to come back next year!!

Powell family aboard Sognare

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We had an excellent vacation, couldn’t have been better. Jody and Paul did an excellent job as far as being friendly and accommodating. They were talkative when we wanted company and in the background when we were lazy or reading, very thoughtful. Jody seemed especially great with my daughter and I enjoyed overhearing some of their chats. Paul was very helpful with all my questions and very pleasant. I also felt totally safe both aboard the boat and going ashore, snorkeling whatever when I discussed plans with both Paul and Jody.

As for the food, we were impressed! We had great meals, lovely service the menus had a nice variety and our special needs (one vegetarian and one last minute gluten free request) were graciously met. Drinks were well done and we had lots of ice which I appreciated for drinks and iced tea.

Thanks Kevin for all your help. Mainsail Yacht Charters did a great job. I feel lucky that we found you. I would be happy to be a reference and you can use any of my comments. The lovely signed watercolor chart of the cruising areas is a great touch. I will treasure that and can’t wait to return and expand the number of spots visited.

Rodriguez charter onboard Whisper

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My husband and I spent 10 days aboard The Whisper over the New Year holiday, and had the most welcome adventures of recent memory. With multiple stops across four different islands, one destination was more beautiful than the last. Captain Denny was so knowledgeable both about the sail and the islands – which made for a fascinating ride. In fact, the only thing more fluid than the crystal Caribbean waters was the lovely conversations we had with our crew. Pam is an absolute natural in the kitchen and we ate like royalty! As we bid our new friends farewell we took with us from the Whisper some wonderful memories…and a few delicious recipes!! Highly recommended for anyone seeking a taste of paradise.

Brown family aboard Drumbeat

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BEWARE! Our Christmas, with our 3 boys (18 and older), was like no other.  Drumbeat1 was bigger and better than we expected-immaculately clean and well taken care of- she’s a beauty.  But the heart(beat) of this fine vessel lies within Vince and Linda. They are the consummate host and hostess. Think professional, friendly, gourmet, 5-star, thoughtful, gourmet, generous, and did I say gourmet?!

Vince is a seasoned and skilled captain, with an easy going personality, who tells a great story.  Our boys learned to scuba with Vince, and we couldn’t have wished for a better instructor. His knowledge and willingness to accommodate made us feel completely comfortable the entire trip.

Linda is multi-talented, pays attention to detail, and rarely stops. From the moment she wakes up she is preparing the most delicious fare. We were all blown away by Linda’s expertise…clean plates says it all!  From the appetizers, fresh baked bread, desserts, every meal was a delight- not to mention the cocktails….OHH the Painkillers!!! She even provided 5 Santa hats on Christmas Day!

That’s where the BEWARE part comes in: Be prepared to experience…… major withdrawal at the end of your trip.  After being catered to, doted upon, and positively spoiled, going home will cause an extreme reality shock.

Pelose Family aboard Sea Chateau

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The ultimate family vacation!! We never were bored! The fishing, the water sports, the sailing, the relaxation, the Caribbean showers and the amazing food were a few of our highlights!! Your attention to detail, from planning the perfect itinerary for us to the special touches and constant attention you gave us, was spectacular!

Fantasy trip for me. I caught a Spanish mackerel, a stingray, a bonefish, grey snapper, yellow tail snapper and a squirrel fish. My dad caught a king mackerel. The wakeboarding was great and thanks for an amazing trip. I had a lot of fun!!

My fantasies were fulfilled. My dream was to live on a sailboat. Your knowledge of the world was a great asset. We were fortunate to find true world sailors. You can both look back with pride at this amazing operation.

This was my favorite trip I have ever experienced. The food was amazing, I always looked forward to the next meal and I was never bored.

DePriest charter aboard Frangines

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Loved your energy!  We appreciate the personal touches and what you did to make this trip amazing!

Thank you so much for an amazing trip! Y’all are the best!  We could not have had such a great time without you.