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Looking to plan your next vacation? Yacht charter’s are a great way to get away. Traveling to a new destination every day and having limitless activities at your disposal is the ideal perfect vacation. When you book your yacht charter here are five things you should keep in mind:

1. Location
Your destination could be considered the most important part of planning a trip. The Caribbean is an excellent destination for families or romance and also for those looking for adventure or relaxation. There’s something for everyone in the Caribbean.

2. Activities
We have various charter packages and can accommodate any activity you’d like to do. Whether it’s adventurous like parasailing and kayaking or relaxing like shopping and drinks on the beach we strive to give you the best vacation you’ve ever had.

3. Group Size
Are you planning a romantic getaway? A trip with friends or family? When you book a charter with Mainsail we can use our experience and expertise to find the perfect ship that will suit your group size.

4. Boat Type
We have three boat types and no shortage of options of each type available. Monohull, multihull, or motor yacht, each has their own unique features. When you pick your boat type, keep in mind sailing preferences, amenities you’d like, and your group size as well. To learn more about the yachts we have available click here.

5. Charter Type
There are four types of charters we provide which include bareboat, crewed, diving, and honeymoon charters. Each of these options has different aspects but all give you memories that will last a lifetime. Read more about our charter options.

Want to book your charter today? Fill out our contact form here. If you’re still not sure which charter is right for you, take advantage of our service and experience – the best part is that all our expertise and experience is FREE to you. Give us a call to see what Mainsail can do for you!