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Cooper Island is a Little Gem

Always wanted to take a trip to the Caribbean? Or maybe you’re a frequent visitor looking for a new destination? Cooper Island is a great place to escape.

There’s no airport on the island making it the perfect itinerary addition to a yacht charter! Cooper Island the ideal place for a day trip or even a full weekend. Since Cooper Island is a little harder to get to, you can expect fewer tourist than other popular destinations like Tortola or St. Maarten.

After drinking the night away at the Soggy Dollar Bar or Willy T’s, cure your beach bar hopping hangover on a (mostly) empty shore. Squish your toes in the sparkly sand, enjoy splashing your friends in the ocean, maybe even with another drink in hand like the Painkiller, a Caribbean classic. Cooper Island is a little gem in the BVI where you can do a bit of everything while you’re here including snorkeling, SCUBA diving, or drift in the ocean on a swan-shaped float right off the boat.

Most people who take a vacation want a combination of everything, relaxation, adventure, a mental break from the real world. A charter yacht to the Caribbean has all of this, and it’s just waiting for you to book your next trip. Maybe you want to take a trip next month, maybe next year! It’s never too early or late to plan the perfect getaway.

Pop on over after visiting Tortola and take a trip to the Baths at Virgin Gorda next! There are so many fun activities in the BVI, when you go home you’ll be refreshed and ready to take on the world. Wellness is essential for highly productive people, and sometimes productivity is best found after a vacation.

There’s plenty of options to choose from, ask our experts what destinations are best for the type of trip you’re taking. We’ve been there done that and know all the secret spots others won’t tell you. Know where you want to go? Book your trip HERE.