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Diving at RMS Rhone Marine Park

WRECK-RHONE-AND-DIVERSWhen you’re sailing in the British Virgin Islands, it’s essential to take advantage of underwater excursions like scuba diving. There are hundreds of unique diving locations across the Caribbean, but one that is a real haven for divers beginner and experienced is RMS Rhone Marine Park.

RMS Rhone Marine Park was the only diving location of its kind after it was originally established in the 1980s. This 800-acre park spans across Lee Bay located on Salt Island and includes Dead Chest Island. The Rhone is a natural beauty and has become a premier diving location in the BVI. Get up close to marine life and enjoy dazzling coral reefs all across famous diving spots like Rhone Reef, Blonde Rock, and Painted Walls.

This fascinating destination is stocked full with layers of coral reefs, a wide variety of exotic marine life, and blankets of swaying seagrass. The RMS Rhone initially sunk in 1867 during a hurricane and much of the wreckage is still visible today, but only underwater. You can always find parts of the steam engine, decking, rigging, anchor, and the propeller. Artifacts such as a teaspoon from the ship are still embedded deep in the wreck’s coral. Diving the Rhone is a great way for adults and kids to see how nature grows and flourishes beneath the ocean’s surface.

While planning your next crewed or bareboat charter vacation be sure to add swimming through sea wreckage like the RMS Rhone Marine Park to your Caribbean bucket list. The best part of booking a charter boat is that you can go diving practically anywhere you’d like because we’ll already have the gear you need on board! Ready to book your trip and go diving under the sea? Click here to start your dream vacation!