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The largest member of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Danish-influenced St. Croix is also recognized as a top diving destination in the Caribbean. St. Croix offers scuba fans numerous diving options including beach dives, reef dives, wreck dives, wall dives, and night dives. Scuba divers enjoy exploring the underwater marine trails and coral canyons at Cane Bay, Salt River or Davis Bay. From here you can experience the 3,600m-deep trench, noted as the fifth-deepest body of water on earth.

06dff3c43891e20bf5ff5ce609e35975CANE BAY

This diving spot is one of the top rated sites in the Caribbean, and this place has something for everyone. Easily less than 100 yards from the shore, the bay has an opening depth of only 30-40 feet but can get as deep as 3,200 feet. Cane Bay is a gorgeous living coral garden filled with coral of every kind. Loaded with tropical fish and marine life and nineteenth-century anchors, this site is a diver’s dream.



Salt River is an excellent place for you to dive right off your boat into depths of 30-100 feet. Stop by here right after Cane Bay. This site will remind you of the Grand Canyon, and each side has its own special appeal with many swim-throughs to explore. You can find turtles, dolphins, and sharks around this site.


maxresdefault-2DAVIS BAY

Another great place to dive off your villa Davis Bay is just an eight-minute boat ride from Cane Bay. With depths of 40-100 ft., unique underwater canyons lead to a sheer vertical wall. You have the opportunity to see lots of manta rays and turtles around along with a variety of tropical fish swimming around the reefs.


There are hundreds of great dive sights across the Caribbean and St. Croix is one of the best! Dive site after dive site, there’s a lot to explore. We can help you pick out all the best places for any range of diving experiences. Book a Caribbean Charter today!