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Extra Fees- Virgin Islands & Grenadines

By March 15, 2012November 30th, 2015Charter News

TAXES – BVI & the Grenadines:
BVI Cruising Tax: For BVI Trade Licenced Yachts picking up in the BVI: US$2/person/day for each day spent in the BVI (Summers: only 75 cents/person/day)
For any yachts picking-up outside the BVI and then entering the BVI: US$4/person/day

For Non-Trade Licenced Yachts picking up in the BVI or outside the BVI: US$4/person/day for each day spent in the BVI
BVI Yacht Licence: No charge for BVI Trade Licenced yachts. Yachts 40 to 50 ft in length: US$35/Week. Yachts 50 ft and over: US$45/Week

St. Vincent & the Grenadines Licence Fee: (a fee good for a month) 25EC per person (2.6EC equals one US dollar). Grenada Cruising tax: 100EC
Sint Maarten / St. Martin, St. Barts and Anguilla: All Leeward Islands taxes are NOT INCLUDED for CharterPort vessels due to the changing nature of the area’s fees.