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Five Sea Creatures You Can See at Sea!

By September 19, 2015November 30th, 2015Charter News

If you want to experience adventure while on vacation, you need to include the vast and exotic marine life only available in the Caribbean. Ecologically based charters are educational and fun for anyone. Plus, what better way to encounter marine life than at sea on a private yacht!

Here are five unforgettable marine creatures you will see at sea:



Take the opportunity to go Whale watching and see these majestic creatures up close!



Swim in the Caribbean Sea with Dolphins!


Manta Rays

Get your gear on and go snorkeling with Manta Rays


Coral fish

Swim alongside dozens of species of coral fish!



Swim up close with Sharks!

There are hundreds of other creatures in the Caribbean waters; these are only just a few! If you are interested in planning an ecologically-based yacht charter contact us HERE, we can help you begin planning your vacation itinerary today.