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Bessent Honeymoon aboard Genesis

Tracy & Petr, Delicious meals & snacks; all fresh, gourmet delights were an additional bonus! Your knowledge of the islands and the inhabitants led us to onshore fun discovery and great times! Most memorable was being in on the local jam session with Mr. Pleasure, the self-appointed King of Chatham Bay and his bongo playing Rasta “band.” All has been delightful. We hope to reconnect with you again soon and often, here, in South Carolina, or wherever we can enjoy your company. Thank you over and over for the absolute minute attention to every detail throughout this incredible journey.

Did we mention swimming with the turtles, laughing & dancing on the deck, winning at “name that song & singer” never duplicated napkin rings & champagne pouring perfection? — Robin

Ditto all of the above! Y’all are great. This week couldn’t have been better . . . my highlights were experiencing some true Caribbean culture at Saltwhistle Bay and at Chatham Bay with ‘the King himself.’ The best food onboard that I could ever imagine. Great sailing I could go on and on. Great boat I’m sold on cats for Caribbean cruising! THANKS!