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Brown family aboard Drumbeat

BEWARE! Our Christmas, with our 3 boys (18 and older), was like no other.  Drumbeat1 was bigger and better than we expected-immaculately clean and well taken care of- she’s a beauty.  But the heart(beat) of this fine vessel lies within Vince and Linda. They are the consummate host and hostess. Think professional, friendly, gourmet, 5-star, thoughtful, gourmet, generous, and did I say gourmet?!

Vince is a seasoned and skilled captain, with an easy going personality, who tells a great story.  Our boys learned to scuba with Vince, and we couldn’t have wished for a better instructor. His knowledge and willingness to accommodate made us feel completely comfortable the entire trip.

Linda is multi-talented, pays attention to detail, and rarely stops. From the moment she wakes up she is preparing the most delicious fare. We were all blown away by Linda’s expertise…clean plates says it all!  From the appetizers, fresh baked bread, desserts, every meal was a delight- not to mention the cocktails….OHH the Painkillers!!! She even provided 5 Santa hats on Christmas Day!

That’s where the BEWARE part comes in: Be prepared to experience…… major withdrawal at the end of your trip.  After being catered to, doted upon, and positively spoiled, going home will cause an extreme reality shock.