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Coradi Family aboard Talofa

We wanted to thank you again for the wonderful hospitality you showed us while aboard the exquisitely unique and sturdy Tall Ship Talofa.  It’s not just  the warm hospitality and incredible attention to our every need and want that  made our “leisure adventure” on Talofa so wonderful;  I’m sure that hospitable  and accommodating charters abound in the virgin islands.  It is Talofa, the tall  ship herself, that made our experience so magical!  What an amazing privilege it  was to have vacationed on such a beautiful, historic, and one-of-a-kind sailing
vessel!  Being in a class of her own, Talofa herself is what makes all the difference between being just another sailing charter and being a very, very  special experience!  While under way, seeing the occasional sailing vessels pass by for a little closer look, a smile, and a friendly wave – and more than once, giving thumbs up to the lovely tall ship that WE were lucky enough to be aboard – only further solidified this sentiment.

In addition to the knowledgeable captain and crew who always made us feel safe and  well-cared for (okay, spoiled) while aboard Talofa, all accommodations were comfortable and welcoming.  Super-comfy beds in the well-ventilated staterooms made for a great night’s rest after a day of fun and leisure.  Waking to a perfectly-brewed latte and then a fresh fruit platter while awaiting a full breakfast (if we so desired) in the ample shade and lovely morning breezes on decks was a great start to each day.  We enjoyed our meals almost exclusively at
the large table centered in the generously shaded deck area – in fact we did most all of our onboard lounging there.  Riding along in the bow nets with my young son while under sail will always be a treasured memory – one we hope to repeat.  Being chauffeured to and from gorgeous island beaches, charming restaurants, and historic sites in the smooth, well-powered dinghy made trips ashore – or just to explore shorelines – most enjoyable.
As we said our final goodbyes and made our final trip back to shore, the only thing besides fond memories on any of our minds was, “When can we come back?”.