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Crone Family aboard Quest

Dearest Desiree & Dave
There are very few times in my life when I find it difficult to say thank you in an appropriate way… When we
started talking about this trip last March I knew we were taking a chance of blowing a lot of money if things did not work out, OR, on the other side investing a lot of money on our most precious commodity – our family. We bet on the latter and took a leap of faith to create a trip for our family that would make memories for us to hold onto for the rest of our lives… AND… what happened? God shined on us like he has so very many times before and this entire experience has turned out to be the very most treasured and valued time we have ever spent together as a family. These moments, these memories, these pictures we will forever have in our hearts and in our minds cannot be put to a price – they are priceless and if I would’ve DREAMT in my wildest dreams that we would have met the two of you and that this trip would’ve meant this much to each of us, I would have paid ten times over.

You are genuinely amazing people and you have astounded and blessed us every day we have been here. You are empathetic, caring, patient, kind, compassionate, and have a zest that doesn’t compare. This was not luck, it was ALL prayers answered in the most incredible way ever. We thank you both so very, very, very much for everything you have done for each and every one of us, but mostly for your friendship. We are so greatly blessed to know you and be a guest of beautiful Quest. May God continue to shine on you and you on others. There is no gratuity that would be adequate of our thanks. Peace and blessings.

Dave & Desiree -Words cannot express how much you have made this voyage our most memorable yet. From welcoming night  to Noelle’s Purple Boa Party, to Christmas, you have truly become friends to us.  Your patience & time spent with us and the girls have made this a true holiday. Thank you so much and look forward to Angela’s 50th in  2014.