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Freitag Family aboard Paradise

It’s hard to believe it’s been only one week since we were enjoying the clear blue waters of the BVI aboard your wonderful yacht !!
Our sea-legs may have righted, our tans may have faded, but our wonderful memories will last a lifetime.  We cannot thank you enough for hosting what will surely go down as one of our most cherished family experiences of all time !!
As you can imagine, booking our first trip to the BVI’s was stressful and confusing, not knowing much about anything, and we ultimately trusted the recommendations of Kevin from Mainsail Charters.  He reiterated that Bernie and Ruth are the best, that you two know how to make the trip work for families, and that in his many years booking trips, no-one has ever had anything but wonderful things to say about their charters aboard Paradise.
Fair enough, but what he didn’t explain was how wonderfully accommodating, generous and outright charming you two are.  You treated us not only to a charter, but you welcomed us into your home, you guided us through a breathtaking natural landscape, and you pampered us with delicious food and entertaining conversation.
Heck, any captain and crew that can accommodate two vegetarians, one carnivore and a kid who doesn’t eat anything but candy and cookies, can silently navigate into crowded bays and still find gentile moorings every night,  can treat us to ‘bernie goes nuts’ and ‘ruthie pain killers’ in the same afternoon; can trust two kids with their brand new dinghy, can teach us mah-mah in a single sitting, can lead us to sea-turtles, tarpon, and barracuda within the first hour of arrival, and still help make a coconut-bra just for a deranged 10 year old, well . let’s just say you exceeded all expectations by tenfold (and expectations were pretty darn high coming into it)!
Really, we just wanted to say thank you again for hosting a wonderful trip.  We literally can not imagine experiencing the BVI’s without you both.  Brace yourselves, we’ll be back real soon !!