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It was worth every penny!

“Donna and I are just back from our charter on Port to Vino and we can’t say enough positive things about Caitlin, Jeff and the entire experience. The boat was perfect, the itinerary they laid out for us was outstanding and we all felt from the moment we set foot on the Tortola, until the time we waved goodbye to the crew, that it was worth every penny. The food was spectacular, the wines great and we were fortunate enough to have terrific weather the whole trip (sans enough wind to sail for more than a few hours). The little things that the crew did made it ever more enjoyable – Caitlin arranging for transportation on Tortola to / from the airport as well as to / from Bananakeet restaurant on our arrival day, to Jeff mentioning a gentleman who runs a massage service on the water in Great Harbor on Jost, where Donna and I had massages that were excellent. Thank you so much for your help in organizing this. ” – DD – PORT TO VINO, April 2023