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Kenny Charter aboard Obsession

Arno + Petra + Yvonne: Wow. Where to start?? I feel like if we had had a camera crew with us this week filming a reality show we would all have our own Bobble heads. J We began the week thinking what a cool laugh Petra had and enjoying the magnificent views to falling in love with all three of you and trying to re-arrange our schedule so we can come back in a few months. I cannot thank you enough for an amazing week of laughing, eating scrumptious food, drinking, falling off docks, blowing fuses, more drinking and more eating and did I mention laughing? What a fabulous time. Slim wanted me to say (before he fell fast asleep) that he thought Arno was who he was, Petra was who he wanted to be, and Yvonne was who he should be. Love you all. Thank you so very much- we are Obsessed!! God bless, stay safe, and we shall return, so please “RE-STOCK.” XOXOXOXO, Joy and Slim Kenny

We cannot begin to describe the wonderful “show” you put on for us. Can’t remember the last time I laughed so much, drank so much, relaxed so much, ate so well, danced so much, did I mention DRANK so much?? Arno’s wonderful mariner’s skills, Petra’s infectious laugh and Yvonne’s perpetual smile created a fantastic atmosphere for a great week. Die spinnen, die Ami’s nicht? When we look back on this fantastic week on the Obsession, the fond memories will be numerous indeed. Arno made sure we were safe and all systems were GO. Petra made sure we were well fed with the most delicious gourmet fare. Yvonne made sure we always knew what was going on and that we were never without a beverage. You all made sure our week was full of adventure, fun, laughter and relaxation. We’re all so very grateful to each of you for all you did to make sure each of us feel so very special and cared for. The heart of this beautiful vessel will remain in our hearts forever. long may she glide seamlessly through the beautiful seas. our best wishes for a good good 2012, Patrick and Suzy Klotz

The first word that comes to mind is “WOW”!!! I want to thank you all for playing such an important role in creating such beautiful memories that will be with us all for life! Petra- I wish I could bottle up your energy, your laugh of course and passion for life and bring it home with me. Arno- I wish I could bottle up your strong work ethic and the respect you give to the people and things you love!! And Yvonne- I wish I could bottle up your patience, tolerance and your joyful spirit with a smile always on your face!! With this, makes the “perfect cocktail.” I look forward to meeting again in New Orleans, Vail and back to Obsession again. To a fabulous 2012!! Colleen and Michael

I can’t remember a time in my life where I have had so much fun, been so relaxed, eaten so well or drank so much!! I can honestly say this was one fabulous vacation, all thanks to you guys. I feel like you were part of our family and were on thevacation with us, even though you were working so hard to make everything perfect for us!! I will miss you guys so much and promise to come back again. Michele and John Randle THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!