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Lundberg Family aboard Pacific Wave

Dear Lynn & Mark
Thanks so much. We have had a great time. We enjoyed each island and the diving was great. We really enjoyed the wreck of the Rhone. You let us snorkel at great places and we loved it. It was fun watching Hall & Kassey wakeboard in the ‘ocean’. Mark the food was wonderful as l am sure you could tell because we ate it all. It is very beautiful and we loved it. Best, first & only 50th Birthday I’ve had.

Thanks so much for your hospitality. We could not have asked for a better crew. Thanks for teaching me how to sail and for making such great food. It was a wonderful experience, and l would recommend you to anyone! Thanks.

Thanks for sharing the Pacific Wave with us. I had a great time! Thanks.

Thanks so much for taking us around to different islands and for telling us the best places to snorkel. I have loved every minute on your gorgeous yacht. Mark you are an amazing cook! Oh and l LOVED sitting on the bow while we sailed! Thanks so much for helping us celebrate Dads 50th Birthday!