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Lynch Family aboard Breanker

I think the Breanker is really nice and I think that you and captain Kristian is really nice too. You are a really good cook. My favorite was the scramble eggs and make your own sandwich. I love everything about the BVI. Denmark sounds good too I want to go there. I also like the language. Love Stephanie 7 years old

You were so nice to me and my family. The food is great I love everything. The boat is beautiful and playing cards is fun. The Cornish hen was my favorite and key lime pie and cheese cake, I can’t decide. It has been one of the best experiences of my life staying on the BREANKER with you. I love every part about it! I love the food, the boat, and especially all the beaches and islands we sailed to. I’ve really never lived on a boat before so this was definitely an awesome and different experience.

Thank you so much for sailing us to all the islands. Thank you for all the amazing breakfasts, delicious lunches and the most amazing delicious dinners I have ever had. Thanks for letting us have the conch’s we found. Thanks for the water sports. I loved tubing. Water skiing was awesome, the paddle board and kayak was lots of fun. I will never forget how to say: Thank you – Good morning – Good day – hello – Good night in Danish.

Captain Kristian and Marianne – Thank you for taking such great care of our family on our vacation to the BVI. I was very apprehensive to come on this trip because I get seasick and didn’t want to be ill for a week! I have never been on a long sailing trip before, or ever on a catamaran, and I must say….it was awesome! The island, beaches, water sports, snorkeling, sailing and food were beyond my expectations. I can’t even pick a favorite! I’ve never snorkeled before and I can hardly believe how peaceful and beautiful it is. I will be sure to do it again when I get a chance. Living on a boat for a week sounded scary, but now after doing it I realize that it is the best way to travel! Marianne and sous chef Kristian – our kids say it best….they loved all the food you made….I am in awe as how you can create such wonderful dishes every day in your tiny galley kitchen….truly amazing…plus you got our kids to try different food that they wood have never tried…and they liked it!! Our evening conversations were a treat. We enjoyed learning about your island Moen in Denmark. Your adventures as charter captains were fun to listen to as well. Great drinks, great food, great weather and great company…what more can we say… Thank you.

Dear captain Kristian and Ms. Marianne. It is with humble pleasure that I express to you the gratitude I have for providing my family with what amounts to the greatest adventure of their lives to date. In particular, you have provided our children with an experience unequalled to any other trip we’ve been on. I am constantly vigilant for opportunities to teach the children about the ways of the world. This trip has been a slice of life that they will never forget. I believe in the philosophy that to whom such is given, much is expected. I further believe that you both have contributed to the molding of these young minds to be brave, seek adventure and to not fear new things. I hope that you have given them an appreciation of the sea and a sense of what adventures of previous generations held in their heart to encourage then to explore and learn. Thank you for a wonderful adventure.