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Moarski charter aboard Kailani

I am writing to give you some feedback on our week charter on Kailani on May 11 to May 18.

Without trying to sound like I am exaggerating, there are not enough positive words in the world to describe how extraordinary our experience was. Our expectations were exceeded by a huge margin. It is difficult to find the words to express how outstanding this charter experience was.

The vessel being fairly new was obviously in great shape. Everything was in perfect working order. But it was also very apparent that the owner and crew were on top of upkeep, maintenance and cleaning of the boat. It was comfortable, clean, cool and had an ergonomically great layout.

However, what really made this charter stand out was no doubt the crew. Stephen and Caitie went way beyond 100% effort to make sure we were safe, comfortable, relaxed and taken care of. Their individual professionalism, personalities and approach were awesome. But when they worked together as a team, it just amplified all the positives even more. They made sure that for that week aboard Kailani, we were the most important people in the world and they showered us with the VIP treatment no question about it.

We requested a low carb/sea to table dining experience and boy did Caitie deliver. Her creations in the galley were right on target. Beautifully presented, tasty, healthy and light. It was obvious that she put much thought into meeting our requests and made every meal something to look forward to. Steve’s cocktail mixologist experience also came in very handy as he presented us with various delicious cocktail combinations to enhance the mood and make our taste buds dance. There was not one drink or meal all week that was not delicious and satisfying.

Steve’s and Caitie’s desire to show us the first class BVI cruising experience was obvious. We basically asked them to determine our itinerary and stops to give us a nice balance of activities and they anticipated and executed that desire so effortlessly and beautifully. We were celebrating my wife’s birthday on this trip and they made that special as well. My wife is all about getting in there and experiencing all she can so I asked Steve and Caitie to give my wife the full experience as much as possible. It was great to see my wife so involved and excited about this first time sailing charter for her. Steve and Caitie were right there to make sure it all happened. My wife snorkeled, fished, filleted the fish, worked the sails, swam, drove the dingy, collected shells, etc. But it was also fantastic how involved the crew made all of us feel and extended the same opportunities to all the guests aboard equally. Additionally, Steve’s ability to teach, instruct and encourage us to try new things and experiences is definitely a strong point for him. He made it all easy, relaxed and fun.

Because of Steve’s and Caitie’s love for what they do, we also learned a lot. We learned about the islands, the ocean, the wildlife, the vegetation, the environment, the history and about the people. They had so much interesting information about the area that it was educational as well. And finally, we learned something about ourselves too. Seeing Steve and Caitie and their positive approach to everything in this beautiful part of the world made us pause and think to not sweat the small stuff and enjoy life more everyday. Something Steve said repeatedly when we were experiencing something new to us was ” do it with confidence”. That stuck with us and now is our favorite thing to say to each other. So I will wrap it up and say “WITH CONFIDENCE”. Steve and Caitie are the best!!!!! Kailani is gorgeous!!!! And we can’t wait to do it again!