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O’Connor Family aboard Sea Nymph

Jim and I took a charter vacation to the Caribbean 17 years ago when our children were 2 and 6 years old. We both vowed to visit the islands again when we could bring our children, because words cannot express the islands beauty. This time around we had the privlege and honor to work with Kevin Jonas a very vivacious man who booked us on Sea Nymph

with Captain Laddie and his lovely bride “Admiral” DJ. Laddie and DJ prepared the best meals ever and went out of their way to purchase a Prime Rib for our traditional Christmas Dinner…. Laddie and DJ we will always be grateful to you for treating our family “like family”

Laddie thank you so much for the great diving spots you showed me.

What a joyous Christmas Holiday we have had with y’all! It was such a pleasure spending time with you and you have done such a great job of making our family feel at home on Sea Nymph