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Pelose Family aboard Sea Chateau

The ultimate family vacation!! We never were bored! The fishing, the water sports, the sailing, the relaxation, the Caribbean showers and the amazing food were a few of our highlights!! Your attention to detail, from planning the perfect itinerary for us to the special touches and constant attention you gave us, was spectacular!

Fantasy trip for me. I caught a Spanish mackerel, a stingray, a bonefish, grey snapper, yellow tail snapper and a squirrel fish. My dad caught a king mackerel. The wakeboarding was great and thanks for an amazing trip. I had a lot of fun!!

My fantasies were fulfilled. My dream was to live on a sailboat. Your knowledge of the world was a great asset. We were fortunate to find true world sailors. You can both look back with pride at this amazing operation.

This was my favorite trip I have ever experienced. The food was amazing, I always looked forward to the next meal and I was never bored.