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Quigley family aboard Belline ll

Everytime we go on an trip we leave a memory of the “bests” . So here are our “bests” for you for you ..
Best of meal : Lela’s Ahi tuna salad
Best New Years ever : The Last Resort
Best Beach : Sandy Spit
Best Cove : Cane Garden Bay
Best Scuba : With Matt
Best Shower : Off the end of the boat
Best Breakfast : Everyday ………..
Best Sunset : Cane Garden Bay
Best New Years Costume : Lela
Best Boat : Belline ll
Best Host : Walter
Best Crew: Walter, Lela & Matt

Thanks for all you do and all you make to make this the BEST TRIP EVER!

This was the best trip ever! I didn’t think it was possible to feel this relaxed after only a week, but all three of you have managed to do just that. The food was beyond my expectations-absolutely wonderful . I felt like I was eating in an upscale restaurant every night . oh, I forgot, I was ! It was truly beautiful down here and I guess you can say you did your job well. Thanks again for everything,

Walter , Lela & Matt — Thanks so much for such a cool vacation. When we started on this trip I was scared that Walter was going to be a scary pirate ! AAARRRGGGHHH. pirates are cool!

You guys really know what ya’r doing and it made everything so comfortable and easy. You guys have really inspired me and reconfirmed how important it is to be with the people you care about and live somewhere you that you truly love. I think thatyou have some secret mind reading skills because anytime I wanted something you were already on top of it.

To the provider of a serious vacation:

This was hands down on a amazing experience and you guys are awesome. The food , the laughs, the atmosphere. nothing to complain about. If I could marry the food I would !!!

I hope the rest of your guests have even just a half of the fun we did, because it was a lifetime experience that won’t be forgotten.

Walter , Lela & Matt — To start. the cooking . just so awesome !!!! This trip was amazing to say the best, what a great way for the family to be introduced to sailing. You guys rock ! I wish I could take all three of you home w/me ! Hopefully, one day I will be able to take you all on a vacation. If you ever close to New York , YOU CALL ME !!! I’m going to miss you all so much !!