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Randel charter aboard Verna Breeze

Hi Chris, Kelly, Petie and Zorro, Wanted to let you guys know we are home to a balmy 32 degrees this morning! BBBRRRR! We miss you guys and our daily Verna Breeze routine! Dave is already at the office 6am, and I”m on my way. No fresh fruit and casual conversation before a snorkel/dive filled morning. And, REALLY?? Where is all the beautiful cut up fruit and breakfast! Miss the furry ones and their love too!

Hope you getting things worked out for your charter starting today. You guys are awesome and it was just a wonderful trip! Thank you again for going out of your way to make us happy. I’ll forward some pictures when I get a chanced to get them together. I’m still swaying a little bit and wishing we were back on the boat. We did have a little mishap at the airport. Just as we boarded the plan the map blew out across the tarmac. So. if there is anyway to get another one we would love it. Also, if you can send the link for the micro towels that would be great. Thanks again for the most Awesome, adventures, fun-filled week! I think my best uderwater photo is of you swimming back with the lobster! Go out there and get them! xoxo