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Really spectacular and was a nice “get away from it all” time.

Our time on the MANNA was really nice….meals were really good (with beautiful presentations)…crew was extremely nice, etc.  It was really spectacular and was a nice “get away from it all” time.  I had two hips replaced this year – April and late July.  Sooo, it was a bit difficult at times for me.  I had a doctor’s appointment the week following the cruise and the doctor commented that I really put my body to the test!  Lou and Allen really paid close attention to any request from me.

We wanted to do a lot more sailing than most people from what Allen told us.  He seemed to enjoy the fact that we mostly wanted to sail.  We went lots of different places.  Steve and I taught Lou and Allen how to play “42”.  They caught on really well and we played the game almost every evening.  I have to say, it was like sailing with friends…..really nice.  Lou and Allen are Christian, so we even took turns saying grace before meals!

Allen and  Lou do a really good job!” – KC

– Manna, November 2022