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Rivas and Castillo families aboard Promenade

Thank you for the most incredible and fun filled journey through the BVI’s. You have an incredible crew that has exceeded all our expectations. Embracing our family, our diverse personalities, and showing us how to celebrate every sunrise and ever sunset with the warmth of your smiles and laughter in your hearts. You are truly blessed to wake up every morning and do what you enjoy…Thank you for sharing your little piece of paradise with us and teaching our children the great gifts nature offers and all the fun we can have just hanging out…screaming “FISH ON”, dancing in the cockpit, playing Mafia, building sail boats, enjoying Kerrys homemade desserts, Brent humour and Cuban coffee (you rock!) and of course Simeon’s special humour and knowledge of the sea and sailing and our special time in Peter Island.

This has been unforgettable, we will remember all of you for the memories you have imprinted in our hearts. Continue to live life with full throttle…Sail on…

All our love and appreciation..