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Timko/Sieber charter aboard Zingara

Leaving Zingara, your team, and the BVI’s wasn’t easy.
When you experience a perfect-in-every-way week;as we all did, it is tough to reacclimate to reality. (along with single digit temps)
I refuse to step on any scale for another few weeks. The meals/snacks/beverages were divine and well worth the need for flexible waistbands!
As the “moms” of the group; Kathy and I felt extremely blessed to be able to share such a stupendous week with all of our children. I am certain you hear endless accolades and praise for your command of Zingara. Each and every glowing statement is genuine and well deserved.
Truthfully, you are not “just” captain and chef; you are Santa Claus,the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy,Walt Disney, rolled into one. You deliver happiness, smiles, and joy to all of your guests. You, Lisa, JJ and Rachel worked so tirelessly to tend to every detail. It is evident how committed you are to ensuring a perfectly magical time. THANK YOU!