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Wolfe Honeymoon aboard Verna Breeze

Chris & Kelly –Justin & I had the trip of our lives with you on the Verna Breeze. It was such a wonderful way to start married life! I truly do think the rain was a blessing from the Virgin Island gods. Some favorite memories were spotting Lobster for Chris and learning to clean Conch! Kelly you are a very culinary inspiration. I hope one day to enjoy it as much as you do. Justin will be back to catch the elusive Bonefish in Anegada. Thanks so much and we will stay in touch hopefully for another cruise.

Mary , thanks again so much for suggesting this trip to us, before we contacted Mainsail, I was looking into Sandals Resorts. Laughable in retrospect compared to this trip, despite being comparable in price. Thanks again for treating us like kings. We feel very blessed to have had this experience. I would also be happy to provide any recommendations over email, Facebook, or phone if someone is on the fence about chartering in general or with Chris and Kelly, or about the VIs.