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Honeymooning in the Caribbean

By November 27, 2015December 1st, 2015Charter News


The British Virgin Islands supply stunning pristine beaches, remote islands, and soothing sea breezes perfect for any Honeymoon.

PORTFOLIO-specialsHoneymoons are about freedom and relaxation, and that is what you will find with Mainsail. Aboard with us, you have the freedom to select where you want to go and what you want to do on your private yacht charter. After, all that is left is to unwind with each other as a couple. Whether you and your loved one are hoping for a relaxing, breezy sailing vacation or looking for exciting water activities and local nightlife, our experienced Mainsail crew will customize the Caribbean honeymoon of your dreams.

Looking for spontaneity and adventure? Visit new exotic destinations like volcanos and rain forests in the BVI every day on your private yacht charter. Longing for privacy and leisure? Secluded beaches await you for lazy afternoons. Want to enjoy drinks and party on the beach? Locals characters invite you to join in and share piña coladas or the Islands’ signature drink, the Pain Killer. Our professionals can help you plan out the perfect itinerary for your honeymoon vacation.

While onboard, you will enjoy your choice of 5-star gourmet meals and delicious cocktails. Our large cabin rooms supply luxurious accommodations that are both comfortable and inviting. The diversity of the British Virgin Islands, all 65+ of them, is at your disposal. Our hospitable crew will spoil you both with their keen abilities of knowing when to appear and when to disappear!

The BVI is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable honeymoon. Contact us HERE or call our offices at 603-472-2502 to let us know what activities and memories you would like to include in your vacation to the Caribbean. We look forward to hearing from you!