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If you’ve ever booked a vacation before, you know how much you can dread the planning process. Booking your transportation, deciding where to eat, buying tickets to historical sites, it’s never as fun as the actual trip.

So, how do you have a stress-free vacation?

Plan as little as possible, that’s how.

You’re possibly laughing now, but when you book with Mainsail we’ve got experts that will help you plan and organize the majority of your trip, so you don’t have to.

How many times have you gotten stressed out trying to get an airline website to work? Or from entering your information over and over again? When envisioning a vacation, you want to focus on the good parts, the fun parts, which is where we step in to make sure you stay focused on the fun.

Our charter specialists have the experience and knowledge to nail down the specific details that you might have overlooked. When you have questions, we’ll be there to answer them. Questions like what to bring or buy when you arrive depending on the length of your vacation and size of your group. Or whether you should purchase travel insurance or not. And the most essential question: where the WiFi is at!

From flights to hotels to limos, we will arrange your entire private yacht experience, matching you with the perfect boat and crew. Don’t let the stress of planning a trip to the Caribbean stop you from visiting the destination of your dreams. Our services are complimentary which means you get to save both money and time! Our team at Mainsail strives to make your vacation as excellent as possible; it’s part of what drives us. We love the Caribbean and want to share it with everyone! There are few places in the world where you can take in as much natural beauty as you can in the USVI and the BVI.

A vacation with a free travel agent is too good to pass up. So, now that you’re ready to book your stress-free vacation click HERE!