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It’s easy to overpack for any vacation, but a yacht vacation is a trip for minimalism and simplicity. Try only to bring the essentials and don’t forget, you can typically buy whatever you need when you arrive. We’ll give you an outline of the packing process to make sure you are practical and prepared for your trip!

First thing first, your travel bag of choice should be a soft duffle bag. Soft bags can be stored away during your vacation while large hard suitcases will only take up much needed space. Most cabins will have a mini-closet for you to unpack and store away your duffle bag.

When it comes to toiletries, you’re better off knowing what not to pack. Things like sunscreen, lotion, mosquito repellant, shampoo, conditioner and soap are all things that should be bought in a group size before boarding. Purchasing and packing several travel sizes in everyone’s suitcases will quickly take up space.

You’ll want the clothes you pack to be lightweight and quick-drying, be sure to ditch the denim (takes forever to dry). Boats are slippery making a pair of shoes that protect your feet and keep you from slipping a must. Bring a pair of boat shoes and sandals with straps. Sunglasses should be polarized; the ocean can create a tremendous glare. Make sure you have a neck strap to keep your glasses from taking a dive. Once you pack all the basics, include some fun stuff like floaties or water guns.

Lastly are cameras and electronics and a few other helpful items. Travel insurance is one of those things you think you don’t need but could make all the difference if you do. Bring things like a waterproof camera, an auxiliary cord, mixed CDs with your favorite tunes, and a waterproof phone case. We all know the taboo of the selfie stick, but this is the one trip you’ll really want one.

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