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Are you a stickler for savings but love to live lavish when you’re on vacation? Always wanted to take a trip to the USVI on a private yacht but thought it wouldn’t be in your budget? Here’s how you can save money so you can spend big on your dream getaway in the Caribbean:

1. Budget Everything
It’s important to know how much money you have to put towards a trip because costs can add up quickly if you’re not prepared. Start small with a list of everything yo want to do on your trip including island destinations, snorkeling, kayaking, and everything in between. Luckily when you book with us, our planning services are FREE which means we can help plan out every detail of your trip, so you know exactly how much you’re paying.

2. Look for Deals
Be on the lookout for deals and specials for private yachts! It may sound too good to be true but we promise they’re real! If you find the right one, you might even save enough add an extra day to your trip. Check out our Specials page to find your literal dream boat.

3. Start a Savings Fund Now
It’s always good to set money aside for whenever you want to go on vacation. We suggest having a savings fund you add to throughout the year so that you’re ready to take a trip at the drop of a hat. But if you’re reading this now, you’re probably ready  to go on vacation ASAP! Whether you want to take a trip in six months or even six weeks, if you start setting money aside now it will offset the bulk cost of your trip.

Ready to talk to our experts and start planning your getaway to the beautiful Caribbean islands? Book your crewed or bareboat yacht charter here.