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This winter rather than spending your entire vacation shoveling snow take a trip to the beautiful and warm USVI or BVI aboard your own private charter boat. You’ll be able to enjoy your trip in style aboard a seaside villa with meals prepared on board. You’ll get to wake up to a new gorgeous view of the ocean every day and go swimming right off the deck. There’s no better way to get away from the cold than by going on a trip to the Caribbean.

While everyone else is scraping ice off of their car window, you can be chauffeured from island to island without a care in the world. Our staff can create a custom itinerary that works perfectly to your liking so you can enjoy eco-adventures one day then a lazy day on a secluded beach the next. Enjoy five-star fresh seafood cuisine prepared right on board by your personal chef.

Do you or a family member suffer from seasonal affectiveness disorder (SAD)? If so a warm beach vacation could be just what you need to make it through winter. We offer charter vacation packages lasting a few days to trips lasting a few weeks. Take the time you need to refuel and recharge with a sunset view and a drink in hand.

Travel to fabulous destinations like St. Maarten, the Baths, Punta Gorda, St. Thomas, Smuggler’s Cove and so many more! To book your winter getaway today contact us HERE!