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Things to Do: Diving in the BVI

By March 16, 2015November 30th, 2015Charter News

Scuba Diving in the beautiful BVI!

Those who charter should consider dive/sail charters when you’re traveling to the BVI. Diving is a unique adventure; it gives vacationers an ideal opportunity to explore an underwater world. The BVI has incredible water visibility, which is perfect for diving and snorkeling as well.

The British Virgin Islands are filled with beautiful coral reefs, lava tunnels, canyons, shipwrecks, treasure-filled caves, and numerous colorful “seatures” including sea turtles. There’s a variety to explore for any beginner or experienced diver. Diving is a fun activity for anyone from ages 12+ up to senior citizens.

Mainsail Yacht Charters specializes in Diving Charters. We have 4 ways you can choose to mix diving in with your charter vacation. Dive Dedicated Yachts, which are completely equipped for every diving need. Dive Oriented Yachts, which are for light to moderate diving. Unsupervised diving, which are suitable for independent certified divers and Rendezvous Diving, which involves joining a variable sized group on scheduled dives.

For more information, read more on our Diving page here or contact us at 603-261-2092. We’d be happy to answer any questions regarding your charter experience.