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Things to Do: Scuba Diving

By July 30, 2015November 30th, 2015Charter News

There are 4 ways you can choose to mix SCUBA diving with a crewed yacht charter vacation.

Dive Dedicated Yachts – These are yachts that are completely equipped to fulfill the needs of serious divers. That is divers experienced or a novice that want to make diving the focus of their vacation. These boats have sufficient tanks for 2 dives per day, equipment and an insured, experienced dive professional.

Dive Oriented Yachts – These are yachts for those who are seriously interested in having divers aboard but who have not made the full commitment that the Dive Dedicated Yachts have. There is, however, an insured diving professional on board. These yachts are suitable for divers who wish for light to moderate diving action while on their charter vacation.

Unsupervised Diving – These are yachts that will carry tanks for certified divers who wish to dive on their own. No one is taking official responsibility as a dive professional, and they may or may not have any diving insurance. Gear, if not provided by the guests, may be rented on shore. These yachts are suitable for experienced, independent certified divers.

Rendezvous Diving – Any yacht in the fleet can coordinate with shore-based operations throughout the USVI and the BVI to take you for a morning or afternoon of diving activities. Subject to availability. In rendezvous diving, you join a group of variable size on scheduled dives.

Contact us at 603-769-3489 for any diving inquiries. We are happy to make any accommodations to make your charter experience unforgettable.