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Top Diving Locations in the British Virgin Islands

By April 13, 2018May 7th, 2018Charter Experiences, Diving

Wreck of the RMS Rhone. Before she was sunk here during a hurricane, the Rhone had been the pride of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company and carried 313 passengers. During a storm she hit Salt Island and was broken in two pieces where she sank. Today her two halves are well preserved on a sandy bottom and her steel wreckage has become home to myriad species of fish and encrusting corals. The Rhone is now a marine park that is part of the B.V.I. National Parks Trust, and is perfect for a two-tank dive. The bow section, 80 ft below, reveals the coral encrusted ship.

Painted Walls is a shallow dive off the southern point of Dead Chest. Here divers delight at the kaleidoscope of colors created by encrusting corals and sponges on the walls of four long gullies. The depth ranges from 20 to 30 feet.

Alice’s Wonderland. Experienced divers looking for a deep dive,will enjoy this one at South Bay on Ginger Island. The wall here slopes gently downward from 15-100 feet. Huge mushroom-shaped coral give the site its name. 

The Chikuzen is one of the British Virgin Island’s truly great dive sites. Lying at a depth of 75 feet, six miles north of Beef Island, the ship was sunk in 1981.The full 246-foot length of this once-refrigerated vessel is teeming with fish of every description. You may see big rays, horse-eye jacks, barracudas and more.

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