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Travel across the British Virgin Islands and sail to the island of Virgin Gorda where a paradise awaits you. The island’s pace is more laid-back; here travellers can look forward to yacht clubs and quiet coves.

The island is eight and a half square miles with natural beauty in abundance. The island is full of plant-lined trails, nature sanctuaries, and natural wonders located in the national parks.

Visit house-sized boulders that form fascinating pools and mysterious grottoes at the Baths. This unusual geologic formation is located on the southern end of the island and is also one of the BVI’s biggest tourist destinations. It’s beauty comes from the island’s volcanic origins that created huge granite boulders on the beach, forming scenic grottoes that open to the sea. This is a great location for anyone looking to do some swimming, sight-seeing, and snorkelling.300px-Copper_Mine,_Virgin_Gorda

Explore The Copper Mine, a national park that contains the ruins of a 19th century copper mine that looks out to the ocean. The mine was abandoned in 1862 and was never reopened until it became a park. Parts of the original stack, the engine house, and the main building remain for patrons to adventure through.

Afterwards, sail to North Sound, a destination only accessible by water. Here you can visit the Bitter End Yacht Club, at this island retreat you can go snorkelling, board sailing, water-skiing or hiking; any adventurous activity you can think of can be done here.

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