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Visit the Volcanos of Dominica

By August 21, 2018January 7th, 2020Charter Experiences, Crewed Yacht Charters

The Caribbean is full of exotic islands, each different from one another in their own ways. Tailor your charter to visit the chain of small islands known as the Windward Leeward Islands. One specific destination in this chain is Dominica, a region once known for its massive seismic activity, now known for its unique beauty.

The island of Dominica was forged from volcanos just 26 million years ago, making it the youngest island in the Caribbean.

There are currently 17 active volcanoes in the Caribbean, Dominica is home to 9 of them making this area the highest concentrated area of volcanos in the world. To no surprise, the island of Dominica is nearly made entirely of volcanic rocks. Though the island hasn’t had any major eruptions in centuries, you can still find plenty of bubbling below the surface. Dominica also has several extended fumarolic fields including the world’s second largest boiling lake.

Active/Extinct Volcanos in Dominica:
Morne Aux Diables
Morne Diablotins
Wotten Waven/Micotrin
Morne Watt
Valley of Desolation
Morne Anglais
Grand Soufriere Hills
Plat Pays Volcanic Complex

The island’s volcanic soil is exceptionally fertile and fed by immense rainfall which creates lush and beautiful vegetation, flowers, and trees all over Dominica.

If you are looking to adventure on your charter, make Dominica one of your stops. Explore the hundreds of experiences you can choose from on the small island of Dominica. Dominica is a great island to visit if you want to get away from the tourism and crowds to escape to the eco-adventures that can be found on this volcanic island. Plus when you travel by boat there are plenty of volcanic destinations that you can only visit from the ocean. The Caribbean is one of the most exotic destinations, contact our Caribbean travel experts to start your charter expedition today.