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When is the Best Time for a Last Minute Getaway?

When is the best time to make a last minute trip? Always! – but especially when you need to escape gray skies and dreary winter weather.

The best time for a trip is when the days all blend into one and work is so busy that you already need to restart after the holidays. It’s time to get away when warm weather feels like a distant memory, and you’re dreading a repeat of the same resort vacation you’ve already taken to Florida.

Here’s some news you may have forgotten – you don’t need a passport to visit the USVI! All you need is a plane ticket and call our vacation experts to handle the details. Let our charter professionals know what you want to do, and we can create a custom itinerary with everything covered including drinks and meals.

Rather than trying to find a way to make your bulky jacket look normal, start shopping for a new bathing suit you can wear again in spring! Soon you’ll be sitting beachside with a drink in hand watching the sunset. Brag about the warm weather and cool breeze instead of feeling proud that you finally found the right guy to shovel your driveway. St. Croix, Coral Bay, St. Thomas, Magan’s Bay Park, and Cinnamon Bay are a few of the beautiful destinations that could be on your itinerary. When you book a yacht charter, you’re able to bounce from one beautiful island to another at your convenience — no rushing to get back to the boat like you would on a cruise.

Our experts plan hundreds of vacations every year and know how to create the perfect last-minute itinerary for you. They are up to date on the best destinations to visit depending on your preferences. Ready to book your getaway today? Contact us here!