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Charter Experience aboard Sea Chateau

By September 19, 2012November 30th, 2015Charter Experiences

Sea Chateau – a short but fun-packed itinerary in June:

Day 1 – Our first day, and everyone was excited to see the boat and meet the crew. We met Carlos at the dock at beautiful Yacht Haven Grand in St. Thomas’s lovely Charlotte Amalie harbor, were dinghied to the Sea Chateau, met Maribel, toured the boat , and were underway with refreshing adult beverages in hand within minutes.   We started with a  sweet and smooth two hour sail across the southern part of St. Thomas, and around and across to Tortola. We checked in at Soper’s Hole to clear customs, had a quick drink at Pusser’s, then headed out again for Marina Cay. Our mission – to get to Trellis Bay’s full moon party that night and celebrate Gail’s birthday. We got the last mooring ball at Marina Cay, then swam ashore (thru ferocious barracudas, or so the guys claimed) to another Pusser’s for the start of the birthday festivities. Then back to the Sea Chateau, where we prepared to go across to Trellis. The full moon beach party was in full swing when Carlos dropped us off, and we danced and everyone watched and waited for the bonfires to be lit.  A few hours later Carlos our tour guide/dinghy driver came to  fetch us back to the yacht for Gail’s birthday dinner party.  After a  five-star dinner and cocktail we partied into the night on board Sea Chateau.

Day 2 – Rise and shine, a quick refreshing swim to shake off the previous nights festivaties Maribel was serving  coffee and breakfast, then underway to Virgin Gorda and the Baths. The trampoline was everyone’s favorite place to recover from the night before and get refreshed for our next adventure. At the Baths, we dinghied ashore and hiked and climbed thru the surreal, beautiful Baths, then met at the Top of the Baths for a fresh-water dip in the pool at the little bar on top of the hill.  We headed  back down the trail to say hello to Lillie, an awesome Rasta gentleman whose booth is under the tree at the beach. Bought some bracelets for everyone.  Carlos was there  waiting for us with the dinghy to ferry us back to Sea Chateau.   We are sailing again this time with  Peter Island in our sights where we  decided to spend the late afternoon and evening aboard relaxing and listening to music and enjoying each others company. We floated thru happy hour in the warm blue waters, then had a great dinner, then floated some more, and talked and relaxed the night away listening to music and the gentle lapping of the water against the hull. Great night.

Day 3 –  Saw us sailing and relaxing again, heading for anchorage at Norman Island. We stopped at the Bight and everyone swam and kayaked ashore, walked the beach, then went back to the boat for our taxi ride to Willie T’s. We spend a relatively sedate hour there (no naked jumping for this group!) but did some dancing before heading back to our boat for dinner and more dancing. Carlos is a killer DJ and he had every one of us on our feet for hours. Maribel contributed dancing lessons for those who wanted to learn meringue. A really really fun night.

Day 4 –  We headed for Jost Van Dyke. Caught a ball outside Foxy’s in Great Harbor in order to be positioned for the night and dinner ashore, then Carlos took us over to White Bay, where we spent a great day at Soggy Dollar relaxing on the pure white beach and playing games, meeting people, swinging in hammocks, eating rotis and the best fried fish in the world.  Carlos picked us up late afternoon, we went back to the yacht, where we again spent happy hour floating off the back from the boat’s 2 swim platforms on floating mats and noodles. Carlos pulled out the hanging chair and Anne had a swinging time until she realized there was only one way out. Big splash. A stiff drink got her all happy and relaxed again. Dinner at Foxy’s with Maribel and Carlos joining us, then more dancing!

Day 5 –  After another wonderful brerakfast we sailed back to St. Thomas. We had a wonderful charter, and hated to say goodbye to Carlos and Maribel, and to sea Chateau. One thing is certain – every one of us will be back on another sailing vacation very soon!